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spots, lights, and stripes

I had the privilege to go visit the Yayoi Kasuma exhibit in Cleveland and it completely lived up to the hype. Given that art museums are usually very chilly, I paired this Zara jean jacket with a light Free People tank top and ripped white Topshop jeans for an easy summer look. Blue and white color combos is one of my all rims favorites and helps create a bright, August weather look even if you're covered head to toe. 

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summer stripes

I bought this Alice and Olivia dress while in NYC and was giddy with my purchase. A&O is my favorite designer; her clothes are well made but still have an artistic edge. This knit striped dress is lightweight and comfortable making it the perfect dress for a  hot day. And not to mention the fact that the colors are everything. I'm a huge fan of color in the summertime. I'll always appreciate the all black look but sometimes you need a little color to spruce up a look

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pants on a hot day

I'm not a huge shorts girl. There's nothing worse than walking around and constantly picking at and pulling down jean shorts. And to make things worse, 90 degree city weather does no favors. I bought these pants from Reformation and am so excited to wear them from season to season. Pairing cute, lightweight pants with a tube or tank top is a godsend. Finding the best balance in your outfit is essential, especially if you're constantly on the go.

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top of the rock

Another day in paradise here in NYC! I adore how metropolitan this city is and it's energy is intoxicating. One of my favorite parts about visiting is being able to dress and express my true style. This two piece set from The Fifth Label is one of my favorite throw on looks. I paired it with these white Dolce Vita booties and mint Rebecca Minkoff purse to create a perfect night out in the city look. 

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new york minute

I had so much fun exploring and shopping through more of Soho and the city. Next summer I want to live in NYC and this weekend made me more hopeful for this. With the city being so hot in the summer, I had to dress accordingly. This CAMI NYC tank and One Teaspoon skirt were lightweight and perfect for the heat and the city. The silk tank top created a more elevated look and paired perfectly with my friends Gucci belt. Very boujee, but perfect for the city.

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summer of plaid

Unintentional but I guess this is the summer of the plaid pant! These are actually also from Urban Outfitters and are a comfy favorite. They can be dressed up with a nice, silk tank or also worn down with a basic, cotton tee. I wore these to work at Anthropologie for the Fourth of July and they were such a hit paired with this J Crew tank top and Splendid sandals. 

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party in plaid

I recently purchased these pants from Urban Outfitters for under $50! I'm normally pretty hesitant about branching out when it comes to pants; however, I absolutely love the way these fit. The thin material makes them the perfect summer pant and the light colored plaid is perfect for work, days spent in the city, or a fun night out. I paired a black tube top and neutral slides to create a relaxed, cute daytime outfit. 

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flaunt the footwear

I often struggle finding good work outfits. Working in retail means you need to find the balance between professional, trendy, and comfort. This isn't always the easiest task; however one way I've started spicing up my outfits is through shoes! I found these at Target for under $25 and they add such a fun flare to any basic summertime look. Investing a few pairs of statement shoes is easy and can really heighten any wardrobe!

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goodbye Europe, hello Summer!

It's been a couple of weeks since I left Europe, and I can't stop thinking about these beautiful towns. Luckily,  I came home to my favorite time of year: summer! This outfit is perfect for early summer, when the sun is shining but it isn't 1000 degrees out. The jean short- long sleeve look works wonders for chilly bonfires or shopping days! This belle sleeve Blue Life top is a go-to and is a great transition piece for seasonal changes and day-to-night wear!  

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mellow yellow

I bought these cute espadrilles from Nordstrom about two years ago and always struggled finding  outfits to wear them with. Since the weather has been so nice lately, I pulled out my crop jeans and was looking for a fun accessory to pair with the white tank top-boyfriend jean look. When I found these yellow shoes in the back of my closet, I knew they'd be the perfect piece to pull together this sunny day look. Yellow is so on trend right now, and I can't wait to rock these all summer long!


amalfi vibes

I bought this scarf and purse in Capri at an Italian store called Antica Sartoria. This boutique has several locations around the Amalfi Coast, and everything inside is purchase worthy- not to mention pretty cheap. I got this bag for 30 euros and the headband scarf for only 10! I was drawn to the bag because it isn't too specific for the tropical, coastline vibes. I can see myself wearing this around Cleveland on a warm, sunny day!



beachy keen

This is one of my favorite outfits ever. Even though I mentioned right below that I'm not a huge fan of jean shorts, these ones from One Teaspoon are an exception. I got them in a size up, so they're the perfect amount of bagginess and don't cling to my legs. The silk scarf, bathing suit look created the perfect combination of laid back, chic. This is a style I definitely plan on taking advantage of more often; timeless yet always on trend. 



blue hue

Anytime I can, I try to add in some fun, unique accents. These blue fringe jeans scream spring to summer transition, making them the perfect piece to wear on a springtime beach trip. I've never been a huge fan of jean shorts so wearing a fun pair of light jeans with a tank or tube top has become almost a uniform to me in the warmer months (copped this white one from Brandy Melville for $30) . And I'm so glad to pull back out my favorite Marc Fisher star sneakers, they're practically glued to my feet in the summer. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer and warmer; casual, cute outfits like these are my absolute favorite.

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the difference a coat makes

If you look at the photo below, you can probably see that I'm in the exact same outfit with exception of my jacket! Transitioning from a jean to moto jacket is the perfect example of switching from a day to nighttime look. The casual style of a jean jacket, especially this ripped and oversized one, downplays the rest of the outfit for a fun daytime in the city look. A good jean jacket is an essential piece for all seasons, and they're so easy to find in any price range! 

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the elevated staple 

As a young adult living in this metropolitan world, I know the value of the color black. It's so easy to get caught into the routine of constantly wearing the dark color. Recently, however, I've been trying to branch out with my wardrobe. An easy way to do this is by updating your blacks. Trading in the basic pant for a ripped look or swapping out the classic leather jacket for one with some shine can go a long way on an outfit and nobody will notice your repetitive monochrome!

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blue day dream

This weekend, I got the privilege of traveling to Interlaken, Switzerland (check out on the go to read more about this amazing place)! Interlaken is such an incredible town with the best chocolate, cheese, and views! I borrowed this pink, Pretty Little Things coat from my friend Serena; I just loved how much the pink and blue contrasted one another! Given the weather, I decided to be lazy and throw on a casual white sweater and some leggings, but I didn't need much because the coat stands out for itself! 

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bundled abroad

We finally got some snow in London! Thankfully, I have my lined Barbour jacket to keep me warm in these dropping temps, this jacket is honestly such a life saver. I decided to go for a green, black, and white look today. My new white Supregas match my favorite white fuzzy white HM sweater perfectly, and this scarf my mom gave me from Paris worked so well with my black Madewell wax jeans and olive coat. 

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red flare 

This coat was an absolute godsend. Being that I am slightly obsessed with the red trend, this jacket lured me in the minute I walked into Massimo Dutti. Given that, like many others, I wear a lot of black basics, it's nice to have a couple statement pieces to spice up an outfit. These ice white tassel earrings from my own collection seemed like the perfect pairing. Once again I'm at it with the TopShop booties, but hey, sometimes you gotta stick to what you know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

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grungy, grungy

These TopShop booties are my second layer; I wear them all the time, and they're just so comfortable. They pair with a casual outfit, like this one, but also look so fun when worn with a mini dress and fur jacket for a night on the town. Given the chilly weather, I decided to bundle up today in my fuzzy H&M sweater and House of Blues jean jacket, which is deceivingly warm to create a grungy yet weather appropriate look! 

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trying to fit in

The city of London has so much style. People don't really walk around in their leggings and Adidas. Because of this, I've been putting in a little more effort than I normally do. Strolling around Regents Park is simply more fun when you look like someone who belongs in the city. Disclaimer on this outfit: make sure your fuzzy coat doesn't shed more than your dog PRIOR to buying.  I purchased this from Nordstrom on a  whim; love it, but now my black dress is half pink. :/  

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the London look

After my first couple of weeks in London, I've started to learn how to stay dry in the rain. Basically, this umbrella is my life saver and goes with everything - do not underestimate the power of a good umbrella. I've been waiting to wear this hat since December and was so excited to pair it with this outfit! It's from a UK company and they're all over the town, ~very Londony. I'm prioritizing warmth over style on this side of the pond until the weather clears up. But for now, cheers!

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pom pom purse

I've always thought that the funky purse strap trend was cool but never went out of my way to find one that fit my style. When my mom found this at a local shop, I immediately thought of my Rebecca Minkoff fringe cross body. This specific strap is from a small brand, but fashion labels everywhere are taking advantage of the trend. The colored poms add a flashy flare and draw in the eye. Paired with my classic grey tassel earrings and sweater, I love how this look came together. Can't wait to wear this fun bag all winter long!

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star girl 

For someone who doesn't really tan, I'm not afraid to purchase funky bathing suits.  Weird burn lines aren't ideal, but I try my best to avoid crisping up.  This Tularosa top was perfect for an overcast beach day, and I paired it with my Starry Night necklace set and favorite Céline sunglasses. The blue and white suit combined with navy and silver accessories made a festive look perfect for a Belizean beach vacation!

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travel totes

I'm not a big tote bag girl.  At school, I always carry around a backpack.  Being that I'll need a good travel bag for next semester, I looked around Rebecca Minkoff and found this gem.  It's the perfect size for really anything you'd need to fit inside.  For Christmas, my sister gave me this London bandana scarf that I absolutely adore.  The two together contrast each other perfectly and I love showing off this fun style!! 

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wicked cool

I've spent the past year looking for a pair of black leather booties.  Finding quality booties for a good price is hard.  Given that 99% of my shoes are worn in college bars, I don't like buying crazy expensive shoes.  So when I found these on Topshop for under $200, I had to splurge. These shoes are a perfect go-to for day to day wear as well as going out!  And they're extremely comfortable, which is always a giant plus.

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blue christmas

I present the newest piece to Beads By Mada's collection, the Cross & Chain Necklace!!  This necklace is available in gold and gunmetal - making it a versatile winter staple you'll definitely find me wearing. Not to mention, it's a rare sighting if I'm not wearing this blue Linda Richards Luxury hat in the wintertime.  It's a fun addition to my neutral, winter looks and keeps my head SO warm.  I'm hoping to snag more colors so I can wear my favorite hat even more.  This look screams bundled up winter with a personalized twist!



double rainbow

This scarf is my new baby.  I found it at Anthropologie, when I promised myself I "wouldn't buy anything" but of course I did.  It is so soft, and I just adore how bright the colors are.  I often find myself wearing so much black in the wintertime, that this will help add a pop of color to my neutral outfits!  These white Vans are my go-tos and great for days filled with walking.  Highly recommend investing in a pair of Vans.  They're perfect for casual days or fun nights out! 


wanna be ski teamer

If I could, I'd probably wear a tee or sweater everyday. Just something basic and comfy that you can throw on with a pair of jeans.  This graphic sweater is one of my favorite winter pieces, because it doesn't overheat me like most do.  Also I love skiing in the winter (although I'm not very good, sadly), so this sweater makes me feel winter ready every time I throw it on.  I decided to pair this with olive cargo pants from Liverpool and one of my favorite Beads Of Mada necklaces for a cool, ~sporty~ look!  

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seeing stars 

I'm a little star crazy.  It STARted (lol, I need a leash) around the 4th of July when I found these Marc Fisher sneakers.  Ever since then, I've had stars on the brain.  I love the new Starry Night necklace set (find it in the Shop Beads By Mada section) and was so excited when I got to pair the two together.  The oversized fuzzy H&M sweater and flare Hudson jeans creates a unique twist on a simple blue jean and white shirt look.   

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a black & white affair 

If you haven't already read it, I love dressing up casual tops/tees.  You can do so much with a black t shirt.  Surprisingly, I find all my favorite basic shirts from BP Nordstrom.  Usually, I go up a size or two for a baggier look.  I recently made this wrap necklace and loved how it contrasts with the black shirt.  Sometimes long necklaces with patterned shirts looks too busy, but this was the perfect combo of plain + basic.



red hot

At Miami, I blog for UP Fashion Magazine.  UP hosted a party with Bumble to celebrate the new Fall Issue release!  I went to look through my closet for a fun, unique outfit and was stumped.  So I ran over to the local mall and found this sweater and red jacket each for $20 at HM, such a steal.  And it was perfect timing that these waxed Madewell jeans just arrived!  The outfit was brought together by my favorite Jeffrey Campbell heels, and it was a rocking night!

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jean genie

Jean jackets are everywhere.  Finding one is easy, but finding the right jacket for you is hard.  I actually received this jacket as a hand-me-down, and it has become a favorite staple piece.  There really is no season for jean jackets; they're worn year round.  And since this is a bit oversized, I can throw it on with a big sweater in November or with a tube top in July.  This is a piece I'll likely have in my closet for years to come, because jean jackets will never go out of style. :P

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inner diva

As you can see, these Dixie Dangle necklaces have become a staple in my daily wardrobe.  Recently, I've been taking advantage of dressing up basics.  Jeans, white tee, simple and easy.  These Céline sunglasses are so diva and I love them.  It's so easy to take a basic outfit and add some fun accessories to creates a whole new look.

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the new classic

I love black rosary chain.  It's so simple and pairs well with everything.  When I found these pendants online, I just knew I had to create this necklace set.  As for the t-shirt, I'm a huge Rolling Stones fan.  I found this on Nordstrom.com and was so excited.  I've ordered band t-shirts before and they've almost always been tacky, but this one is the perfect mix of casual and fun.  You'll definitely find me wearing this necklace/t-shirt combo to class as well as going out!!

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bad & basic

This is probably one of my most basic, favorite looks.  There's just nothing comfier than a plain white tee and jean shorts (not pictured).  I decided to add some fun to this plain-jane outfit and wear my gunmetal Dixie Dangle necklace!  Without even realizing, the all black Ray-bans were a perfect pair. This is the perfect outfit for a casual day, when you want to add some extra effort with a little spunk. Find this necklace &  more on the Shop Beads By Mada section!!

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sharkin' around

As mentioned before, I love Madewell. They have the best basics. I wear this t shirt so much, it's honestly comfier than any college tee I've ever worn. Same goes for these Rag & Bone jean shorts. I bought them a  little on the larger side and they're like sweatpants. I get kinda sad when I think about it getting colder and not being able to wear these anymore. This look paired with some white sneakers made for the perfect fall boat day outfit! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 10.25.18 AM.png


white AFTER labor day

I used to always follow the no white after labor day rule.  Which kinda blew, because a lot of my wardrobe is white.  Now as my style has matured, I have stopped listening to this ancient rule and take advantage of my white tops and accessories all year long! I paired this white tank with a Dixie Dangle necklace set and white Mignonne Gavigan Mini Madeline earrings for a crisp look!

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.28.55 AM.png


fringey fall

So this weather is kinda ridiculous.  80 degrees in the middle of October?!?!  I mean, I kinda love it, but also my wardrobe is a bit confused. HOWEVER, these fringe jeans are light and perfect for the transitioning temperatures.  Not to mention how cool they are. The Marc Fischer sneakers pair so well with any jeans and add a fun, extra bit of detail to this outfit.  Paired with a basic tank, I'm readily dressed for this moody, moody weather! 

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cool vibes

I bought these jeans a while ago from Free People, and I wear them more and more every year.  The same goes for these Dolce Vita sneakers, I wear them year round and they're my go-to casual, everyday shoes.  I matched the silver in my sneakers to the silver tassel and paired it with a simple white tank!  This outfit is perfect for a casual Saturday with friends or even going to class! The little details take it up a notch from your basic blue jeans, white shirt look.  



classic and classy

I've had my eye on these Elizabeth and James earrings for a couple of weeks and finally decided to go ahead and get them. Even though these earrings are white, I'm breaking the Labor Day Rule this year and wearing them around. They pair so elegantly with this J. Crew boatneck sweater. Navy has always been one of my favorite colors; it's so versatile and perfect for year-round wear. I can't wait till the weather just gets a little cooler for me to wear it more often!

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all about that lace

I've seen this Cami NYC tank EVERYWHERE & was just dying to get one. Once I found it in a boutique in my hometown, I immediately started thinking about all the cute things I could pair it with. After some more shopping (typical), I came upon this skirt and knew I had to pair these two together. The fun lace up wedges (GentleSouls by Kenneth Cole) & these Mind of Mada tassel earrings simply completed the look!

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 2.23.24 PM.png


for all occasions 

This LoveShackFancy two piece set is one of my favorite looks I own. I bought the top about a year ago but couldn't get the skirt in my size. Finally, this past summer, I found it when browsing one of my favorite bargain websites, The Real Real! This website sells designer brands for soo cheap, a must see. Both pieces pair so well with others too: white jeans, a plain black top.  But I love how versatile this look is. I can wear it to a family event, a fun party, or just to work!  



cool girl meets tropical

Don't ask about the title...idk. BUT, I'm digging these cream tassel earrings with this fun, bright bomber. I love including some kind of statement piece in my outfits, but this jacket takes statement to a whole new level. My eyes were drawn right to it on my visit to NYC this past May. Immediately, I envisioned myself wearing it with a pair of ripped jeans and fun white tank. These earrings and the simple sunnies create a badass, cool-girl look everybody loves. 



warm neutrals

With Fall approaching, it's great to have reliable staple pieces you can always "fall" back on...puny I know. These slide moccasins are my go-tos. They're so comfortable and match with so much, but give any outfit a little flare. This casual Madewell tee and Joe's white jean shorts create a classic, laid back look that is perfect for errands, lunch, or shopping with friends. And I couldn't resist these coral tassel earrings which add a pop of color to a neutral look!

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 7.14.30 PM.png


look back at it

I bought this jean jacket a couple months ago at Anthropologie and LOVE it. From the front, it just appears to be your regular jacket with a little bit of color, but the back is so vibrant and funky. It's the perfect addition to any summer outfit. Normally, I'm not the type of person who brings out jackets to dinner, but I make an exception for this one. And it pairs perfectly with my favorite Planet Blue Life romper! This was the perfect look for a boat ride and dinner date. 


summer pop

I love these Joe's Jeans shorts. Finding a good pair of jean shorts is so hard, but once you get a pair you love, you don't want to wear anything else. ALSO,  I LOVE these Schutz shoes. I got them from ShopBop a couple weeks ago and cannot take them off. They're so comfy and work well for any occasion. The platform gives a wedge-like, feel but also can be casually worn around since it's a flatform. I highly recommend splurging and getting yourself a pair like these! 

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 7.21.04 PM.png


beach swag

In general, I'm not the largest fan of dressing up a bathing suit. Most of the time, I just think it's kinda unnecessary. However, I love this necklace and earring combo so much with this suit, I couldn't resist. These earrings come in smaller sizes and all different colors and are so unique. The black is perfect for any season and pairs so well with my black Ray-Bans and olive Kiini. Even though jewelry can be a little clunky for the beach, give it a try--you wont regret it! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 3.47.12 PM.png


laid back diva

This Marysia swim top is one of my absolute favorites. Although it's most certainly not the most conventional style and makes for some weird tan lines, it's just so unique. The Mignonne Gavigan earrings and Mind of Mada swirl necklace make for a fun, ~divalicious~ pairing. Wearing this around will make you feel like you're on a yacht in Capri (or just super extra but hey it's cute so who cares). 

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 3.45.57 PM.png


cool mom

I hope that everyone knows that I am NOT a mom; however, whenever I wear this floral midi dress and jean jacket I feel like a hippie mom. BUT I just love the way they look paired with this new Mind of Mada necklace! I've always loved crescent tusks and have always wanted to make a white beach choker, so when this came together I was so so happy. This crescent tusk choker is so fun and perfect for a summer night!

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 3.43.23 PM.png


i'm blue da ba dee da ba di

First, I want to apologize for this heinous title. Sometimes I can't help myself. But I have to say, that I am head over heels for these new earrings. Usually I'm not one for making earrings but I decided to give these a go, and I am obsessed. The sky blue pairs so beautifully with any color and I can't wait to wear them more this fall. They're so lightweight and fall perfectly above the shoulders. I look forward to experimenting with these and using different colors!



easy transition

I purchased these Marc Fisher wedges about a month ago and am absolutely obsessed with them. They pair so well with dresses, shorts, jeans, really any outfit. My favorite part about this particular look is the versatility. The jean shorts and tank can be worn around in the day with flip flops and a bathing suit, and then come nighttime dressed up with some wedges and fun jewelry! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 10.47.27 AM.png


city strolls

This is one of my FAVORITE rompers from Zara (betcha didn't realize it was a romper). I usually don't have any luck with rompers, but the shorts are perfectly hidden, which makes it look like a flattering shift. I decided to pair these with my new, favorite tassel earrings that almost perfectly matched in color (and randomly my wallet did too)! I guess you probably can tell by now that I have a thing for blue. Recreating a look like this is so easy: simple shift dress, matching accessories, and your favorite pair of walking shoes!

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 10.56.33 AM.png



Last weekend, I had some spare time on my hands in North Hills, Raleigh. So naturally, of course I decided to go shopping. One of my favorite stores in Raleigh is Gena Chandler, and to my luck, they were having a big sale! I scored these Rag & Bone/Jean shorts for under $100. They're the perfect length, and the rips prevent them from feeling too long or childish. I also grabbed a pair of my favorite earrings in white, because why not?? I need to go to Shopaholics Anonymous. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 10.52.16 AM.png


all about the checks

Naturally, being in Charleston, I had to do some shopping on King Street. And given that I just scored these awesome Rag & Bone/Jean shorts, I just had to find a shirt to pair with it! Madewell has always been one of my favorite stores, but I started to love it even more when I discovered their student discount program! If you show a college student ID, you get 15% off your entire purchase. Had to snag this neutral check top, and it paired perfectly with some of my new beads! 



boat inspo

I love blue and white, especially in the summertime.  This gingham Zara shift dress is one of my favorite throw-ons.  I wear it to work with mules or out to dinner with these white espadrille heels and fun earrings.  Summer style is my favorite, because it's so lightweight and effortless.  You don't have to worry about layering or getting your shoes ruined by snow.  If I had it my way, I'd be wearing outfits like these all year long.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.04.48 AM.png


timeless city 

I've been in search for a good midi skirt all summer. I love how timeless and elegant they look (and flattering). After strolling into the J. Crew in Charleston, I knew that I'd have some luck. This skirt caught my eye right away and once I saw the top, I had an outfit envisioned in my mind. Since J. Crew ALSO has the 15% off student discount, I just had to get both. I paired the outfit with my new, white Mignonne Gavigan earrings and some white espadrille sandals for a classic summer look!  

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.39.15 PM.png


not trying so hard

As mentioned in a previous post, I love Madewell! When I snagged that cute tan, check top, I also grabbed a simpler white one. This shirt is so great and adds a little bit of sophistication with every outfit. Rather than being very basic in just my white top and jean shorts, I decided to mix things up a little bit! I did so with the J/Slide moccasins and Mind of Mada coral tassel earrings, which  gave this plain jane look a fun flare! 

Where to Buy -- Top: Madewell, Shorts: Rag & Bone, Shoes: J/Slides, Jewelry: Mind of Mada



blue jean baby

One of my favorite year round looks is blue and white. Whether it be a cute shift with fun accessories or a pair of jeans and a white tank, I love the color combo. Both the booties and shift dress are from Zara, one of my favorite stores. I think it's pretty obvious by now that I love Zara given how many pieces have featured dresses from there. These denim colored Mind of Mada tassel earrings pair PERFECTLY with the denim booties and new Dixie dangle necklace set...LOVE.

Where to Buy -- Dress: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Jewelry: Mind of Mada